Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Doctors in Colleyville, DFW, HEB, Grand Prairie, Hurst, Euless, Mansfield, Bedford, Dallas-Fort Worth, Fort Worth

Dr. Lisa Fell is board-certified audiologists serving Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Hurst, Fort Worth, Dallas-Fort Worth, Arlington, Colleyville, DFW, HEB, Euless, Bedford and the surrounding areas. She is a specialists in hearing loss diagnosis and treatment, including the use of swim plugs, hearing aids, hearing protection, assistive listening devices, custom ear molds, sleep molds, digital hearing aids, hearing care packages, musician earplugs, hearing aid supplies.

Dr. Fell provides tinnitus consultation, ear wax cleaning, audiological evaluation, tinnitus evaluation, hearing tests, cerumen removal, hearing exams for ringing in the ears, hearing loss, tinnitus.

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